Government Plant Nurseries

The prime objective of the production of rubber plants is to provide high quality budded rubber stumps to the growers. 08 plant nurseries set up under the Rubber Development Department engaged in the production and distribution of rubber plants.

The annual plant production targets are set taking into consideration the projected extent of land under the replanting and new planting drive for the year concerned and the enhancement of the productivity of rubber cultivation and the sustainability of the plantation is the desired goal by the Department through its distribution drive of the improved high quality budded stumps to the plantation companies and smallholders.

The Department also seeks to facilitate and encourage the setting up of private plant nurseries in addition to the government plant nurseries with the objective of promoting and directing the private sector to produce budded rubber stumps thereby causing the increase in the production of plants.
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Private Plant Nurseries

In addition to the government plant nurseries under the control of the Department, the rubber plant nurseries in the private sector too provide an impetus towards the production of rubber plants. The private plant nurseries are subject to be monitored by the Department and the Rubber Research Institute and a production of quality plants required for the rubber cultivation comes out through them.

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