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1. Middeniya Nursery
  Started in – 2005
  Total land area – 25 acres
  Production will be started in 2008
  Bud woods – 9000

This nursery was established in year 2006 in the Divisional Secretary’s Division of Middeniya in Hambantota District. The nursery which consists of 25 acres was established with a view to expand the rubber cultivation in the areas surrounding Hambantota where the traditional rubber cultivation is not available. The water required for the nursery is supplied through a tube well and a number of 16 employees have been deployed thereat.


Plant Production

  Plant Produced in 2012 -    105,081
Plant Produced in 2011 -    114,069




Rubber Prices

16 February 2017
Grade Price Range
LC No.1XUnq - Unq
LC No.1Unq - Unq
LC No.2Unq - Unq
LC No.3Unq - Unq
LC No.4310.00 - Flat
SC (Br) No.1305.00 - Nom
SC (Br) No.2Unq - Unq
SC (Br) No.3310.00 - Flat
SC (Br) No.4302.00 - 307.00
Flat BarkUnq - Unq
Skim CrepeUnq - Unq
RS Sheet No.1355.00 - Flat
RS Sheet No.2345.00 - 350.00
RS Sheet No.3340.00 - 342.00
RS Sheet No.4338.00 - Nom
RS Sheet No.5Unq - Unq

Note: Rubber Price changes twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday)

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