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Regional Offices

Principal functions performed by the Regional Offices

Registration of lands for rubber cultivation.
Replanting and new planting of rubber.
Issuance of licences for the mixed cropping of tea and rubber.
Payment of subsidies to the rubber cultivators.
Issuance of trading licences to rubber dealers.
Distribution of fertilizer to immature and mature rubber cultivations.
Continuation of the societies of rubber land owners
Maintenance of government and private rubber plant nurseries.
Provision of necessary technical advices to rubber cultivators and estate owners.
Distribution of rubber plants
Making aware the Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka about the diseases affecting the rubber cultivation.
Implementation of the special development schemes of the government such as Mahinda Chinthanaya, Gama Neguma, Negenahira Navodaya, ‘Let us grow and uplift the country’
Provision of active assistance for the activities of Thurusaviya Fund.

A brief description and functions of the Regional Offices of Rubber Development Department
Kalutara District     Regional Deputy Director,        
      Rubber Development Department,        
      No:2/195, Main street,        
Ratnapura/Colombo Districts     Regional Deputy Director,        
      Rubber Development Department,        
      P.O Box.02, New Town,        
Kegalle/Kandy/Matale/Kurunegala/Gampaha Districts     Regional Deputy Director,        
      Rubber Development Department,        
      No:1/16, Srimath Fransis Molamure street,        
Galle/Matara/Hambanthota Districts     Regional Deputy Director,        
      Rubber Development Department,        
      Upper Dickson Road,        
Monaragala/Badulla/Ampara Districts     Regional Assistant Director,        
      Rubber Development Department,        
      No:03, Kachcheriya Road,        



Rubber Prices

16 February 2017
Grade Price Range
LC No.1XUnq - Unq
LC No.1Unq - Unq
LC No.2Unq - Unq
LC No.3Unq - Unq
LC No.4310.00 - Flat
SC (Br) No.1305.00 - Nom
SC (Br) No.2Unq - Unq
SC (Br) No.3310.00 - Flat
SC (Br) No.4302.00 - 307.00
Flat BarkUnq - Unq
Skim CrepeUnq - Unq
RS Sheet No.1355.00 - Flat
RS Sheet No.2345.00 - 350.00
RS Sheet No.3340.00 - 342.00
RS Sheet No.4338.00 - Nom
RS Sheet No.5Unq - Unq

Note: Rubber Price changes twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday)

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