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Establishment and maintenance of Rubber Plant nurseries of Recommended Clones needed for cultivation


Requirements It is expected to plant high quality planting materiel of recommended clones when planting under the re/new planting subsidy scheme. therefore the department under takes the responsibility of supplying the same by establishing and maintaining 6 nurseries. The plants produced in the department nurseries are not for sale other than distributing among the permit holders who are expected to plant under the above subsidy scheme.
The plants produced in these nurseries are distributed twice a year with the onset of the monsoon.
May/June & OCT./Nov. Kegalle Kalutara Ratnapura Gampaha Colombo Kandy Kurunegala Matale Galle Matara districts and Oct./Dece. Monaragala Badulla Ampara Hambantota districts

Application Information

Places where applications could be obtained It is not necessary to forward an application . The rubber development officer of the area be should informed whether to which planting season the land will be prepared for planting
Fee to obtain application Forms Free of charges
The time, applications should be forwarded From 8.30am to 3.30pm on Wednesdays (except public holidays) to the Rubber Development Officer of the area.
Charge for the services Free of charges .The value of the planting materiel supplied will be deducted from the subsidy installments
Duration of the provide services Plants will be supplied in due season. Only to inform the rubber development officer prior to the onset of monsoon
Documents required Business Registration obtained from the local authority
Staff Offices incharge of services Regional Deputy director of the Regional Office
Exceptions Extra plant could be obtained to fill the vacancies for planters who planted in previous years by informing the rubber development officer well in time

රබර් වෙන්දේසි මිල

2017 පෙබරවාරි 16
වර්ගය මිල පරාසය
ලේ.ක්‍රේ. නො.1XUnq - Unq
ලේ.ක්‍රේ. නො.1Unq - Unq
ලේ.ක්‍රේ. නො.2Unq - Unq
ලේ.ක්‍රේ. නො.3Unq - Unq
ලේ.ක්‍රේ. නො.4310.00 - Flat
ස්. ක්‍රේ. (දු) නො.1305.00 - Nom
ස්. ක්‍රේ. (දු) නො.2Unq - Unq
ස්. ක්‍රේ. (දු) නො.3310.00 - Flat
ස්. ක්‍රේ. (දු) නො.4302.00 - 307.00
ෆ්ලැට් බාර්ක්Unq - Unq
ස්කිම් ක්‍රේප්Unq - Unq
රි. ස්. ෂීට් නො.1355.00 - Flat
රි. ස්. ෂීට් නො.2345.00 - 350.00
රි. ස්. ෂීට් නො.3340.00 - 342.00
රි. ස්. ෂීට් නො.4338.00 - Nom
රි. ස්. ෂීට් නො.5Unq - Unq

සටහන: රබර් මිල සති දෙකකට වරක් වෙනස් වේ (අඟහරුවාදා සහ බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා)

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