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Registration of ownership of rubber lands and changes


Registration of ownership - Lands previously not registered under the Rubber Control Act Should bare Rubber plantation
Changes of ownership - Lands registered under the Rubber Control Act but ownership changed

Application Information

Places where applications could be obtained - All the Regional Offices
- Download Application (PDF Document)
Fee to obtain application Forms - Applications Free of Charges
The time, applications should be forwarded - From 8.30am to 3.30pm on Working days by Hand or Registered post to the Regional Office of the relevant
- district
Charge for the services - Free of charge
Duration of the provide services - 3 weeks

Documents required in proof

Land owned by heritage - A Pedigree and the consent of the other partners
Purchased or a Rewarded land by a deed - The Deed
A leased Private land - The deed of leasing
A land owned by a Testimony case order - The courts order
Land owned by a lease agreement - The lease agreement
Crown lands owned under any Development scheme - The deed or the permit



Rubber Prices

16 February 2017
Grade Price Range
LC No.1XUnq - Unq
LC No.1Unq - Unq
LC No.2Unq - Unq
LC No.3Unq - Unq
LC No.4310.00 - Flat
SC (Br) No.1305.00 - Nom
SC (Br) No.2Unq - Unq
SC (Br) No.3310.00 - Flat
SC (Br) No.4302.00 - 307.00
Flat BarkUnq - Unq
Skim CrepeUnq - Unq
RS Sheet No.1355.00 - Flat
RS Sheet No.2345.00 - 350.00
RS Sheet No.3340.00 - 342.00
RS Sheet No.4338.00 - Nom
RS Sheet No.5Unq - Unq

Note: Rubber Price changes twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday)

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Subsidy Information