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The Rubber Development Department of the Ministry of Plantation Industries was established to enforce legislative provisions of the Rubber Control Act No.11 of 1956 and the Rubber Replanting Subsidy Act No.36 of 1953 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Being started on 12th April 1934 as the Rubber Control Department on 1st July 1994 it was strengthened and renamed as the Rubber Development Department.

The RDD plays a significant role for the enhancement of the Plantation Sector implementing the regulations made by the Hon. Minister of Plantation Industries under the powers vested by the Ordinances and Acts of rubber plantation.

Implementation of the powers vested under principal statutes and legal sources.

Registration of rubber lands and their owners through the Regional offices, issuance of licences, and the provision of planting material, fertilizer and subsidies.
Administration of the system of subsidies for new planting and re-planting, and the distribution of subsidies through the District offices.
Production of high quality rubber plants...


Rubber Prices

17 January 2017
Grade Price Range
LC No.1X340.00 - Flat
LC No.1340.00 - Flat
LC No.2315.00 - 339.00
LC No.3320.00 - 338.00
LC No.4310.00 - 339.00
SC (Br) No.1310.00 - 330.00
SC (Br) No.2Unq - Unq
SC (Br) No.3300.00 - 302.00
SC (Br) No.4293.00 - 296.00
Flat BarkUnq - Unq
Skim Crepe270.00 - 300.00
RS Sheet No.1340.00 - Flat
RS Sheet No.2336.00 - 338.00
RS Sheet No.3Unq - Unq
RS Sheet No.4Unq - Unq
RS Sheet No.5Unq - Unq

Note: Rubber Price changes twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday)

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  • Government Nurseries to provide all plant requirements


Rubber Plan...

Department of Rubber Development
55/75, Vauxhall Lane,
Colombo 02,
Sri Lanka